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Quick and Effective ways to help with Sciatica Pain

There are a couple things that we recommend for avoiding sciatica pain. One of the big things is being flexible – staying loose and staying limber – so we recommend stretching. One of the big mistakes people often times make is that they’ll actually do static stretching – that’s the long hold stuff. That can actually cause more irritation to that sciatic nerve.

We recommend the dynamic stretch and we have a protocol that we go through and we teach people who have suffered with sciatica. We actually teach them how to do that specifically based on what is going on with their body structure.

The other big thing is obviously strengthening. We want to strengthen in through the hips, the lower back and through the core so that the cause of that sciatica, once we’ve corrected it, does not come back. So same thing, we actually have a specific protocol that is put together – a spinal hygiene protocol that maintains that correction, maintains that strength so that it’s not a problem down the road.

Obviously we want to check and see what is out of alignment and what is causing problems with that sciatic nerve. So correction through a spine specific adjustment, that’s the most important thing we do. That will take pressure off the nerves; that is what will get rid of that shooting, stabbing, sharp pain that people get or that ache that they are feeling down into their legs.

Then we have another technique that we can use if there is disc involvement – non-surgical spinal decompression. It’s a decompression technique that helps re-hydrate, replenish and restore that injured disc if there is disc pressure on those nerves.

These are a couple things that we recommend right off the bat. But first thing would be to determine just what is causing that sciatica. Then based on that information, we put together an action plan moving forward so that it can be corrected and it doesn’t come back.

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