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Pain serves a purpose, there is a reason for pain – just as your house has a security system to alert you to an intruder or your computer has an antivirus software that alerts you when there is a problem – your body has a warning system. A sensory system that alerts you when there may be a problem going on. Extreme excruciating pain is not that bad; the reason why is when someone has a higher level of pain it is when they are actually going to do something about it. The worst type of pain is one that’s moderate, or that’s tolerable, or that comes and goes; the reason why that happens people don’t do anything about it for a long time, then over a period of like decades the damage becomes much more. There are so many phrases to look for when you’re speaking with someone, like “I’ve got this pain”, “Just kind of tired” and “I don’t know what because it’s been here for a long time” or “you know I think it’s just gonna go away”, and “yeah, you know it comes and goes, it’s not there all the time.”

These are some of the worst types of problems and the reason why they go on for many years because they are tolerable, all the while they’re doing serious damage structurally and functionally to your body. So if you do have a problem or have the opportunity to know whether or not there’s gonna be a problem now while it’s still fixable, or you can not know and then find out when it’s too late and unfixable. It’s all your choice. If you have a possible problem I want to know about it now so I can get it corrected right away.

So if you’ve been dealing with a tolerable pain of moderate pain a pain that’s not that bad or some type of pain that comes and goes now would be the best time to give us a call so we can investigate.

Yours in health Dr. Matthew Phinney

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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