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Types of Lower Back Pain

Everyone experiences lower back pain at some point in their life; it has become such a common experience that it can be tempting to ignore it. While a lot of lower back pain does go away with time, there are situations in which it can worsen, bringing on a slew of additional health problems.

Listed below are some effective ways to recognize the types of lower back pain, how to treat it when it doesn’t seem to be going away, and what to look for when you set out to find the right chiropractor in Grand Rapids.


Lower back pain is a manifestation of a variety of medical conditions, which can range anywhere from daily wear and tear to serious health issues. It can be caused by a ruptured or bulged disc, muscle strain, severe injury, and so on. Pin that lasts more than three months could be chronic. There are multiple types of lower back pain:

Sciatica: This is the pain experienced from a ruptured disc. The pain is felt in the buttock and runs down one leg.

Muscle Strain: Acute pains often result from lifting, sports, or any kind of strenuous activity. Many also experience muscle strain as a result of their jobs (i.e., working in construction, cleaning, or pursuing any other kind of physical occupation for a living). Desk jobs can cause lower pack pain as well, especially if you slouch.

“Spaced” or “Degenerative” discs: Back pain experienced by adults between the ages of 30 to 60 tends to be a result of spaces between the discs (i.e., “lumbar disk herniation”). Adults over 60 often suffer from back pain related to degenerated joints (i.e., “spinal stenosis”).

Take good care of your lower back: it has to last as long as you do! Always entrust yourself to the care and consideration of a professional who will give you exactly what you need to maintain a healthy and balanced spine.

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