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posted: Feb. 27, 2017.

Number one is you need to stay hydrated. If you’re not getting enough water then your body cannot process and digest food – it can’t move things through the way that it needs to. So hydration is required for proper digestive digestion system function. Sometimes people aren’t necessarily hungry they’re actually thirsty. So especially in the summer time, you want to take your body weight, divide that by two, that is the amount. That is the number of ounces of water that you should be drinking on a daily basis. If you’re out in the sun or if you’re working or you’re sweating then you want to be drinking at least more than whatever that number is.

Second thing would be fresh fiber first. So whatever it is that you’re going to eat, eat it. If you want to go have a pizza, have a pizza. But have a salad first. So eating some sort of fresh raw fruit or vegetable with every meal is a requirement and you’re going to notice that the cravings for the other foods (the foods that aren’t necessarily good for us) are going to decrease when you start eating fresh fiber first.

Third thing would be that fat. A lot of people think, “Hey I’ve got to avoid fat.” It’s not fat that makes us fat. It’s our inability for our body to burn fat that makes us fat. And so avoiding fat when we go for the fat-free stuff often times it’s replaced with sugar and artificial sweeteners and so sugar is actually a major culprit in making us fat. Sugar is stored as fat. So we have more sugar now than any other time in our diet in history and it’s not just added sugar. It’s sugar hidden in the foods that we eat.

That brings us to our fourth thing which is read the labels. Look at what they’re putting into the food. The food industry is in the business of making money so they’re putting different additives, different neurotoxins. Different things that they do to make the food taste better, it makes us eat more. It’s disastrous for our health, basically it’s toxic. Our body has to sort of buffer that toxicity and so it stores more fat and that is stored in the fat cells.

Then the last thing would be get your nervous system checked. If there is pressure on the nerves or nervous system that go to the stomach or go to the intestines and your body is not producing the right chemical hormones, the right enzymes to extract the vitamins, the minerals, the nutrients from all of those good things, all of those good foods that you’re putting into your body well then, you’re pretty much spinning your tires and you’re wasting your time.

So that’s the lynchpin. The key is you’ve got to make sure that your body is working properly in the first place and the easiest way to do that is get your nervous system checked with a doctor of chiropractic that does motion study film. So he can see where those problems in the spine are coming from and how they can be affecting your digestive system and how they can prevent you from losing weight.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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