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Stop Lower Back Pain, Stretch Your Hamstring

One of the best solutions for your lower back pain is to stretch your hamstrings. You’ll begin to experience this pain when your hamstrings are tight.

The hamstring runs through the back of each thigh. You’ll experience a limit in your pelvis if there is tightness in this muscle that can corrupt your normal posture, causing stress across the lower back. If you stretch the hamstrings with some of the exercises in this article, you can gradually reduce the stress you normally feel in your lower back.

In this short blog, I’ll be going through some hamstring stretch that you can do right in your home to eliminate this back problem.


1. Wall Hamstring Stretch

This exercise is less stressful. You’re required to lie on the floor, with your buttocks against the wall. Then place your foot up towards the wall and try to push your knee straight- applying mild pressure- one leg at a time.

On each leg, you are required to maintain the position for at least 30 seconds before switching to the other leg. Do this one or twice in a day. With time, you’ll notice a decreasing stress on your lower back because the hamstring muscles will lengthen over time.

You don’t have to wait for the time you hit the gym or do your normal exercise routines. You can always do this stretch every day. Trust me, you won’t be spending up to 15 minutes to finish this stress-free routine. I’ll also advise, for maximum result, doing this routine when you wake up in the morning and whenever you’re retiring to bed. This stretching exercise is a good back hygiene.

2.Towel Hamstring Stretch

Another least stressful exercise you can engage in to kiss your lower back pain goodbye is by engaging in this routine.

You need to lie on the floor and raise your right leg straight up. Using a towel or a belt across the ball of your feet, apply slight pressure to the right leg, maintaining the position for at least 35 seconds. After, you’ll switch to the left leg and on and on. You can repeat this cycle for three to five times every day.

3. Chair Hamstring Stretch

How do you do this? Simple. Just sit on a chair and place your legs straight out in front on another chair. Still maintaining this position, stretch your hand to reach your toe. You can do this for a leg at a time.

4. Standing Hamstring Stretch

This technique is the most popular. Just do as I do. Are you ready? Just bend forward at your waist with your legs relatively straight and your arms hanging down. Now try to touch your toes. Ensure you don’t strain to do so. You can halt whenever you feel a stretch in your hamstring.

In combating your lower back pain issue, your commitment to the simple four routines of hamstring stretching is key. Just like in weight loss, if you’re not disciplined and dedicated to these routine (some of them if not all), you won’t see any result.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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