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Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Degenerative Disc Disease

The best gold standard non-surgical way to treat degenerating discs, bulging or herniated discs, facet type syndrome or even failed back surgeries would be a non-surgical spinal decompression – NSSD. This process lengthens and decompresses the spine. Your lower portion of your body and upper portion of your body is engaged and it is almost a gentle pulling or traction. This creates a negative pressure inside the discs that are degenerating or breaking down.

This reversal of pressure almost causes or creates a vacuum. So picture a jelly donut. If you have something attached to both ends of the donut and you pull that donut apart, all of the jelly is going to get pulled back into the donut. The same process happens to the discs and the joints of the spine. It pulls extruded disc material and allows the disc to re-hydrate and replenish. This takes pressure off of those nerves and rids of the pain and discomfort that people are suffering with so that they can get on with their lives.

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