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Steps Towards Relief From Neck Pain

Neck pain, or cervical discomfort, can be a symptom from a range of various problems, such as whiplash, poor posture, herniated discs, muscle strain, and more. Depending on the type of pain that you are feeling, steps towards relief can almost always be taken. Below are a few that we thought were simple, yet helpful.


1. Keep hydrated. Believe it or not, hydration plays a large part in maintaining the health of the discs in our spinal chords. These discs are mostly made up of water, and without proper hydration, can wear-and-tear quite easily, causing discomfort. Try to make drinking plenty of water apart of your daily routines, and your neck pain will reduce.

2. Boost Magnesium intake. We find this one to be useful when your pain is the symptom of a muscle sprain/ strain. Since magnesium aids in calming muscles, we suggest eating foods such as fruits or soy products, oils, or supplements (with the consult of your physician).

3. Swimming. If possible, mixing a swim workout into your routine is very therapeutic for your neck. It reduces inflammation, which reduces stiffness and pain. Try gentle strokes in a warm pool for best results.

*Note: If swimming is too hard on your body, we suggest water therapy as a healthy, cautious alternative.

We’ve listed some of the many ways in which relieving neck pain can be done, even from home. Ultimately, seeking the advice of your physician is best if you feel as if home remedies are not soothing your pain entirely. For guaranteed relief, feel free to contact The Chiropractic Doctors for a trustworthy second opinion, or if you are looking for professional therapy in relieving your neck pain. Our own Dr. Matthew Phinney would love to sit down with you, help you discover the cause of your pain, answer questions, and potentially start you with therapy.

Call our office to book your next appointment, and discover why The Chiropractic Doctors are consistently rated 5 stars by your neighbors!


This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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