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How to Choose an Experienced Chiropractor in Kentwood to Help With Pain

When it comes to correcting the body’s alignment and reducing pain and improving overall physical function, the best chiropractor can provide treatment that offers impressive results. However, if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Kentwood, you must carefully choose one with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Kentwood’s Top-Rated Chiropractic Care is Here For You

Everyone experiences pain from time to time. In some cases, pain can be caused by an injury or a type of degenerative condition. Chiropractic care provides a natural way to manage pain. It can also be a great way to prevent future injuries. 

Chiropractic treatment isn’t just about the spine. It involves every part of the body, including the nervous system. The goal of a good chiropractor is to improve musculoskeletal health. When you decide to seek chiropractic treatment, you can enjoy a host of unexpected benefits, from improved immune function and a better night’s rest to pain relief and improved mobility and range of motion. 

If you’re looking for the best chiropractic facility in Kentwood, there are some ways you can ensure you work closely with a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced chiropractor that can provide the type of care that you need to recover and thrive. 

If you’re looking for a facility near you, you may be overwhelmed by the list of chiropractors you have to go through. Below, you’ll find some tips that you can use to make an informed decision and narrow down your choices on your search for the right chiropractor.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family 

You can also ask friends and family members for recommendations. Your friends and family can tell you about their experiences with a particular chiropractor, so you can determine whether their chiropractor may be a good fit. 


Choosing the right chiropractor is not something you should rush into without considering all of your options. 

If you decide to meet with a chiropractor, some things to consider include how long the chiropractor has been in practice, and the type of technique training they have received. 

Patient Reviews 

If you want to learn whether or not a chiropractor has a proven track record of effectively treating different health issues, you should take a look online and learn what their patients have to say about the treatments they have received. For the most part, the chiropractor should have positive reviews. If their patients are getting good results or had a positive experience, most of their reviews will be positive. If patients were not happy with the care they received, you’ll be able to read about it. 


When you’re searching for the right chiropractor, make sure they specialize in the issue you’re having, such as sciatica, and they offer the type of treatment program you’re looking for. Most chiropractic officers offer a combination of techniques and services. 

Learn about the protocols a facility uses, and what types of conditions they treat.

Chiropractor Services 

What chiropractic services do they offer? Some chiropractors will offer massage therapy, and nutrition counseling, and can prescribe exercises that you can do at home that will help aid in your recovery. 

If you’re suffering from a sports injury, you’ll want to make sure the chiropractor specializes in sports injuries and injury prevention and that the chiropractic techniques used are exactly what you need to make a faster recovery. 

Schedule an Office Consultation 

Regardless of whether you suffer from lower or upper back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or migraines, it’s important that you play an active role in your recovery. 


  • Do they take motion x-rays?
  • Do they take follow up motion x-rays ?
  • Do they put together recommended care plans to correct the cause of the problem or just tell you to come back when it hurts? 
  • Do they do active rehabilitation in their office? 
  • Do they recommend specific corrective exercises for home so the same problems don’t continue to recur? 
  • Do they do workshops and teach people how to care for themselves? Or do they just treat over and over again? 
  • Do they collaborate with other doctors on difficult cases? 

At the appointment, you can take note of office staff friendliness and the chiropractic office environment to get a feel of whether the place will be a good fit for you. 

When you meet with the chiropractor, you should also consider your rapport and comfort with the doctor, since chiropractic therapy involves close physical contact. 

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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