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Therapy for Lower Back Pain Treatment

Back therapy is widely known and used as the most common form of treating back pains in the lower back, spinal cord, and beyond. When patients require back therapy, it may be due to a simple and steady ache or a sharp, stop-you- in-your- tracks pain.

Depending on the intensity, the cause of your back pain can be chronic, or simply due to an injury/ sprain. Depending on the circumstance, cause, or pain intensity; back pains can often eventually go away on their own if you treat them with pain relievers, rest, or exercise. Yet if you are aware that the pain was caused by injury or is interrupting you from daily routines and movement, seeking medical attention is highly suggested. Often, your health care provider may suggest back therapy in place or after potential back surgery. Regardless, acting upon the pain is better sooner than later.


In back therapy, therapists’ techniques can be categorized by either passive physical therapy or active exercises. In passive physical therapy, the goal is to minimize the patients pain and increase their movability. The word passive is used to imply that the therapies are done to the patient. Common treatments for this type of back therapy include heat and ice packs, lontophoresis (medicine), or ultrasounds. In active exercise therapy, techniques are used to rehabilitate the spine. While there are several back exercises that can be chosen for this stage in therapy, it is most common to include exercises that include stretching, strengthening, and low-impact aerobic conditioning for a complete and effective therapy experience.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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