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Chiropractic Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in people younger than 45. We consider back pain to be anything ranging under the umbrella of a subtle ache, to sudden sharp pains that effect your abilities to move properly. It can be triggered by anything from daily routinely activities, injuries, spine-related issues, smoking, or even emotions (such as stress).Because back pain is so easily caused, it’s important to be aware of everyday activities, habits, or potential diseases that could lead to back issues. Once detected, the sooner that you start the road to relief, the better. Here are a few suggestions for alleviation that can be done at any time.


  • Massage – Take time to relax and give your muscles a break. Massages increase your circulation, ease soft tissue pain, and even decrease your need for painkillers by 36%.
  • Good Posture – Nothing reduces your chance of spinal issues like keeping good posture. Try our very own Dr. Matt Phinney’s “YTWL” posture exercises, check/ change your posture regularly, and sit up straight.
  • Ice/ Heat Therapy – Regularly applying ice and heat will reduce chances of inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce muscle spasms and pain. Start by applying a towel-protected ice pack to your back for up to 20 minutes a few times a day. In a few days, switch to heat by either doing these same steps with a heating pack, or take a warm bath. *Note: Never leave heating pads on while sleeping.
  • Exercise Often – As repeatedly as we hear this advice in our culture, it truly is one of the biggest domino effects to numerous health factors. Specifically, for easing back pain, we suggest exercises that keep your back muscles strong such as planks, opposite arm & leg lifts, or straight leg raises.

If these seem to not be doing the trick, considering therapy for back pain is always a wise move. Ultimately, getting another opinion, especially an experts opinion, can only help. If you are considering this step, our chiropractor Dr. Matt Phinney at the Chiropractic Doctors would be glad to give you a second opinion or start you on physical therapy.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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