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Accident Pain

The pain caused by an accident can affect you in several levels – it can range anywhere from a very subtle, occasional pain; to a severe, noticeable feeling. More often than not, patients are aware of what is causing their pain. Whether it be a car accident or common sprain from lifting a heavy object; recognizing the source of your pain is always an important first step.

Once you’ve “diagnosed” the cause or source of your pain, it’s best to seek medical attention right away. While there are often home remedies that may ease your discomfort, professional care is still a best choice when seeking for a full recovery from an injury, such as a car accident. Chiropractic care is a great choice for these types of pains, because they’re able to treat muscle pain and stiffness, which is a common cause of discomfort.


When you chose to seek chiropractic relief, the doctors will first examine your injury by giving you an x-ray. This will give them a better feel and accuracy for the true issue that is causing you pain. The chiropractor will gladly give you options, details, and an outline for the process of healing. From there, the road to recovery will most likely begin.

If left untreated, these injuries could develop into other forms of health problems. Yet when seeking medical attention right away, your chances of a fast and smooth recovery are high. If you decide to seek for chiropractic help and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact The Chiropractic Doctors for a trusted, reliable recovery. Our very own Dr. Matthew Phinney of the Cascade, MI office would love to hear your story, answer any questions, and most importantly relieve your pain.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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