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A Proper Posture Is the Key to Your Confidence

Just like your voice, your posture speaks clearly of what is going on in your head. If you’re standing perfectly still when giving a speech, for instance, you’re only telling your audience that you’re scared of doing that. Standing still during a presentation doesn’t portray you as a confident speaker (of course it’s a normal thing to have the butterflies flying in your stomach during a speech, but you don’t have to allow your body to pass the “I’m dying a thousand death message” to your audience.


Whenever you walk, are your head and shoulders drooping or slumped? When you can easily see your feet whenever you’re walking instead of what lies ahead of you, then your body is simply shouting, “I’m uncomfortable.”

Whether you’re standing at the lectern or the head of the boardroom, if you stand tall and straight, people around you will most likely believe in your abilities. And if you’re seated for a conference, your listener’s eyes would definitely be on you, watching your body position from time to time. And, you know what? You don’t have to utter any word before they make an adequate judgment of your inner feelings- fears, worries, panic, etc.

If you want to be confident, I’ll advise you to first work on your posture. That is the way you walk, stand, and carry yourself.

Just try to stand up or sit down at the moment. Are your shoulders too far back or are you hunched over? How far forward is your head? Is your back straight? Is your neck in line with your spine? Is your chest up rather than out or sunk in? What about your chin, is it held up high?

Research have it that when you take up a confident posture, you’ll start feeling more and more confident. As you feel and look more confident, you’ll begin to notice that you’re acting more confident. And, of course, people around you would start giving you the respect that you truly deserve. When people starts giving you the respect you deserve, your self-image would be strengthened, improving your confidence level the more.

Most of the time, the way you work will determine the way people would treat you. Men should walk to intensify their chest; women should accentuate their hips. You do this by either moving your shoulders or hips from side to side (depending on your gender). Whether you’re a male or a female, walking slowly is imperative- when you’re not in a rush. It shows that you’re a warm, relax person that is in control.

When you combine a confident walk with a good posture, you create the image of a person that has a rigid presence. Anyone seeing you walking towards or passing him/ her would believe in whatever you’re about saying, or whatever you’ve said.

Also, learn to keep making eye contact and try not to fidget. And if you start practicing every time, you’ll begin to notice a gradual improvement in the way people treat you and in your self-esteem.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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