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7 Easy Ways To Beat Neck Pain

One of the most rampant reasons why you visit a chiropractor is because of shoulder pain, headaches, and neck pain. And whenever you visit the physical therapist, some questions like: “what activities were you engaged? Where did the pain emanate from?” would be ask.

The activity that people generally attribute to the cause of their neck pain is that they work all through the day sitting in front of a computer. Most of the symptoms you’re likely going to experience would start with a neck pain and then it would progress to shoulders and most often headache would follow and then eye pain.

If you are the type of person that spend an extended period of hours sitting on the office chair, you’re likely going to experience low back pain or a neck pain. So, the point is: if you’re spending a prolonged period on the office chair, your chances of experiencing a back and neck pain are very sure- that is if you’re not already a victim.

Neck pain typically occurs as a result of spasm or strain in the muscles of the neck, including pain spreading to the shoulder area.

One significant factor of back pain and neck pain is your posture. If you are the kind of person that sit, stand, or walk in an awkward, drooping way, you’ll likely experience the painful back and neck pain. This causes your spinal structures to get damaged because of your wrong posture and can inevitably cause chronic pain problems.


  • Wrong positioning of your computer monitor
  • Sleeping on a pillow that doesn’t support your neck properly
  • Sitting hunchback while you’re working at your desk
  • Working for long hours in front of your computer without taking a break
  • Injury to your neck
  • Stress

How can you beat this severe problem of neck pain? How can get a permanent neck pain relief? Below are some suggestions that would help you overcome this difficulty?

1. Try to avoid slouching. Embrace a good posture when you’re sleeping, sitting, and walking.

2. Always avoid sitting for a prolonged period without changing position or getting up.

3. Make sure you learn how to type on your computer without looking at the keyboard.

4. Ensure you’re using the best pillow- a pillow that positions your neck in a neutral position.

5. Consider a relaxation exercise after you’ve completed a tedious task

6. Whenever you’re driving, try to adjust your seat properly (make sure you’re not stretching your 7 legs to turn the wheels or press the pedals. Ensure your knees are slightly bent.

7. Make sure you opt for the best office chair you can get. A good office chair would force you to sit properly thereby correcting your neck pain.

8. You can test a neck support. The support would allow your neck to be in the neutral position when you’re sleeping.

Neck pain on its own is a big problem that a lot of people are battling. It becomes a big problem when it combines with upper back pain, shoulder, and head pain. Try as much as possible to introduce movement into your day-to-day schedule. Prolong sitting on a chair- no matter how fantastic the chair is- is definitely a bad idea. If you take a break from-time-to-time and stretch or walk around the office, you’ll totally beat the problematic neck pain.

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This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Matthew Phinney.

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